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Vari-Air Blower Assembly

Vari-Air Blower Assembly


Blower assembly for your Vari- Air System


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Vari- Air Air System adjusts speed according to air pressure. When more corn is in the system, air pressure elevates; when less corn in the system, the air pressure lowers. Our system auto-corrects. This means, as air pressure increases or decreases, our system automatically makes the PSI/speed changes. Once the system is up and running, you do not have to adjust any settings.

Blower Installation Location

Vari-Air Sytems are designed to be installed either inside or outside

  • Whether you choose inside or outside – be aware of the intake air quality
  • When installing next to a grain dryer, the amount of debris in the air would limit filtration lifetime
  • When indoor try to install an intake air window
  • Ensure you have enough room around the air system for system serviceability in the future
  • There will be a significant amount of vibration from the blower, so a sufficient base is required. It is recommended to anchor the blower down to prevent movement


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