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GSI Model 3050 Gravity Spreader

GSI Model 3050 Gravity Spreader


This gravity grain spreader is a perfect choice for bins from 30′ diameter up to 42′ diameter. This spreader can handle capacities up to 5,000BPH

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This is our recommended gravity grain spreader for bins over 30′ diameter.  Gravity flow spreaders are used to distribute dry grain in storage bins. The force of the falling grain against the chute’s curved vanes causes a slow, even rotation which gently disperses the grain – all without the need for electricity.

The chute is designed to divide the flowing grain and move it into four concentric rings. Fines and light material remain with the flowing mass of grain and are distributed away from the bin’s center.

We strongly recommend the counterweight for capacities betwen 3,000BPH -5,000BPH or with Chute Extensions.  We strongly recommend chutes extensions for 42′ diameter bins.

To help in choosing the right spreader for your capacity, industry standard capacities for augers are as follows:

6″ Auger=    1,500 BPH

8″ Auger=    3,000 BPH

10″ Auger=  5,000 BPH 

13″ Auger=  9,000 BPH

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3,000 BPH up to 36ft diameter bin, 3,000-5,000 BPH up to 36ft diameter bin, 5,000 BPH up to 42ft diameter bin