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4 Panel Roof

4 Panel Roof


4 Panel 30 Degree Slope Roof Packages

What is a 4 panel roof? When There is 4 Roof Panels Per Grain Bin Sidewall Sheet

When you select your size roof, you will see a Bill of Materials

Each roof comes with all necessary hardware to fit your diameter specific bin



Brock Grain Systems has long had a reputation for providing industry-leading features and bin accessories for on-farm storage bins. Below are a couple of ways BROCK® On-Farm Bins are BROCK SOLID™

“High-rise” roof rib is a full 3 inches (76 mm) tall and utilizes Brock’s strength-giving 3-step rib design. Brock’s innovative Eave Tension Straps offer the highest farm bin peak load capacities available, up to 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) with a ground snow load rating of 30 pounds per square foot (146 kg per square meter).

Giant 39-inch (991-mm) fill hole features a rigid 24-inch (610-mm) diameter center ring to accommodate most auxiliary equipment

Every roof is supplied with a large manhole that is “obround” for easy entry and exit. Its cover has heavy hinges and a strong, rotating latch. A sturdy handrail next to the manhole is included.


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