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Spread-All Aeration/Axial Fans


Spread-All Aeration/Axial Fans


Vane Axial Aeration Fans are designed for cost effective, efficient grain aeration with a minimum of maintenance and operating costs. Chose from 12″ Diameter fans all the way up to 28″ Fans.

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Spread-All Mfg Bin Aeration fans are quality aeration fans at competitive pricing.  Spread-All fans come with all galvanized housings, zinc guards, standard legs, leg stands, and carrying handles.  Our bin fans are factory assembled and test run before shipment.  Fans have reversible application to pull air down through the grain, or to direct the air flow up through the grain by turning the fan around and reversing the guard.  Either the intake or the discharge ends may be mounted to an air duct metal transition  or a flat bin wall.

*Models SA-120751 & SA-141001 feature 115V single phase electric motors with plug cords wired.
*Magnetic contactor standard on 24″ and 28″ fans.