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Brock Parthenon Floor Supports

Brock Parthenon Floor Supports


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The innovative Brock PARTHENON Support System is designed specifically for use with Brock’s TRI-CORR Aeration Flooring and offers superior load bearing capacity complementing the strength of the TRI-CORR Floor. Brock’s PARTHENON Supports are available to provide 13 3/4-inch floor heights for grain drying and aeration. The low PARTHENON Support has enough floor clearance to allow for 10-inch diameter unloading systems. Quick and easy to install, the PARTHENON System requires only half the usual number of support rows, plus it reduces the number of supports needed by two-thirds. PARTHENON Supports use a non-staggered installation and easily lock together with an included interlock system to eliminate movement. The support’s design helps to compensate for uneven concrete flooring. Aerodynamic design of the support’s built-in vertical column aids efficient airflow in tunnels and near fans.