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Sukup SuperWave Floor Support

Sukup SuperWave Floor Support



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The Sukup SuperWave® Support is a sheet metal support designed to be used with 3½” or 7” floor planks of any style. They are ideal for Sukup’s HeavyDuty Perforated flooring, but also are a great match for Sukup Hawk Cut® or regular perforated planks. The “wave” shape of this support creates more surface area to support the floor planks, while at the same time making the support more stable than other sheet metal supports. Flanges in the top portion of the Sukup SuperWave® Support fit under the crowned area of the floor plank at a 45 degree angle, providing support for the planks over a larger surface area. Sukup SuperWave® Supports are 20 gauge and available in 13¼” height. Factory tests show a SuperWave® is at least 1.5 times stronger than a Super Support™.