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Spread-All Spinning Gravity Spreader

Spread-All Spinning Gravity Spreader



Great gravity spreader option designed to help keep fines out of center of smaller bins up to 30′ Diameter. Choose from two different capacity options depending on your fill rate.

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*Grain goes through cone and hits inverted cone suspended by shaft that rotates when grain hits bottom cone.

*Will spread up to a 30′ bin.

*From 3000 bushels per hour to 9000 bushels per hour

To help in choosing the right spreader for your capacity, industry standard capacities for augers are as follows:

6″ Auger=    1,500 BPH

8″ Auger=    3,000 BPH

10″ Auger=  5,000 BPH

13″ Auger=  9,000 BPH