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Shur-Step Spiral Stairways

Shur-Step Spiral Stairways



A Brock Shur-Step Bin stairs will make going up and down your grain bin safe and ease. These stairways can be mounted on any grain bin 15′ in diameter and larger.

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Do you want to check the condition of stored grain and roof-mounted equipment without climbing a ladder? Now you can have the convenience and advantages of a stairs on your grain bin with the BROCK SHUR-STEP® Bin Stairs.

Manufactured from tough, galvanized steel for all Brock grain storage bins, the SHUR-STEP® Stairs also fits many other 15-foot (4.6-m) diameter or greater bins having 9-3/8-inch (238-mm) horizontal bolt spacing and 2.67-in. (68-mm) or 4.0-in. (102-mm) corrugation.

Brock’s stairway follows the wall contour of the bin and can be installed while the bin is being erected or added later. Stairs can be mounted to go either to the right or left around the bin.