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Incline Powerhead with Angle Ring


Incline Powerhead with Angle Ring



  • 5’, 25 degree incline on  8” systems; 7’, 20 degree incline on 10” systems.
  • Goes from 8” to 10” on 8” systems, and 10” to 12” on 10” systems.
  • Heavy-duty universal joint with support bushing.
  • 8” inclines attach to bin with two chains. Optional support legs are also available.
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includes inclined powerhead with motor mount, belt guard, angle ring mount, stub auger, driven auger pulleys and belts.  (motor and pulley that goes on motor is not included)

Inclined Powerhead drive for your grain bin unload. This angle ring mount incline powerhead is designed to mount to unload tubes in bins that have an angle ring flange on them

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