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Grain Saver

Grain Saver


20 Degree U-trough inclined powerheads are designed to operate with the 1750 RPM (or less) motors.

10″ Shaft size 1-3/4″

8″ Shaft size 1-1/4″

The recommended motor sheave sizes are as follows:

8″ incline powerheads: two-groove 3.0″-3.75″”

10″ incline powerheads: three-groove 3.0″-3.75″

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U-trough inclined powerheads are complete with cast iron sheave, drive belts, removable electric motor mount, over center belt tensioner and quick release, belt guards and greaseable hanger bearing on output shaft

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8" U-Trough Inclined Powerhead, 10" U-Trough Inclined Powerhead