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Sump Saver

Sump Saver



The Sump Saver helps you safely unplug the grain bin sump without having to get inside the bin — or even leave your tractor. It is made of half-inch rotating clearing fingers that sit on a central axis, which is mounted to a heavy-duty steel frame. Place it next to an above-floor auger mouth or over the bin auger intake on the floor. Attached to the machine are hydraulic hoses that lay on the bin floor and go to a fitting on the bin side. When there is a free flow issue with the grain, simply connect the exterior hoses to your tractor’s hydraulics.


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What drives the Sump Saver?

A hydraulic motor that is capable of producing 6000 inch pounds of torque drives the Sump Saver.  The motor can be driven in forward and reverse giving operators many chances to overcome obstacles.

Where are the hydraulic hoses at when the unit is hooked up?

The hoses lie on the floor and run from the unit to the edge of the bin.  If there is a power sweep in the bin, the hoses are laid behind it.

How do I get the hoses into the bin?

The bin wall is used as a bulkhead.  A J.I.C. fitting is used and the hoses have 90% fitting on both the inside and outside of the bin wall allowing the hoses to hang neatly against the wall.  (All hoses and fittings needed to install and run the Sump Saver are provided)

How do I get the hoses out of the way when cleaning the bin?

The motor is equipped with short hoses and quick couplers allowing you to unsnap the supply hoses for storage.

Where are the hydraulic hoses stored when unloading the bin or running the sweep auger?

A bracket is provided on the bin wall (inside & outside) that is used to quickly and neatly store hoses when unhooked from the Sump Saver.

When do I run the Sump Saver?

We recommend that the Sump Saver be run when grain flow slows.  This deals with obstructions as they approach the grain sump.  Continue to run the unit until you no longer see damaged grain and grain is flowing freely.