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DBAR Cushion Box

DBAR Cushion Box



Finding reliable, cost-effective ways to minimize grain damage poses an ongoing challenge for the grain handling industry. The innovative DBAR Adjustable Cushion Box, which is revolutionizing the grain flow equipment industry. The DBAR features a patented design that reduces grain damage by more than 50 percent — and in some cases, eliminates it entirely. And less grain damage means a more productive and profitable operation.

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DBAR Cushion Box has changed the way grain system equipment is installed and utilized. The DBAR was designed to reduce and eliminate grain damage in situations where it’s most critical. Its patented design includes an internal cone to collect grain and create a real cushion. In turn, the DBAR can be utilized when grain is running at full and partial capacities. The DBAR has proven to exceed expectations in situations where flow retarders and “round style” cushion boxes were originally being used. In most instances, the use of a DBAR eliminates the need for flow retarders in the middle of spouts, making for convenient installation and access. No other cushion box on the market can outperform the DBAR in quality and versatility

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