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Flow Retarder With Welding Sleeve and Inspection Port

Flow Retarder With Welding Sleeve and Inspection Port



Flow retarders are used in grain spouts to slow the grain down to eliminate excess speed which can cause grain damage. Keep your grain system gentle on grain and install flow retarders!


These grain retarders, grain slow downs, or flow retarders have internal baffles that slow the grain down and provide grain on grain contact to mitigate grain damage.

Flow retarders w/ welding sleeve and inspection ports are recommended for use in angled spout runs.  Pricing includes round inlet and discharge.  10 gauge flow retarders have 3/16″ AR baffles and 7 gauge flow retarders have 1/2″ AR baffles.  Urethane and ceramic tile liners are only available in painted units.  Galvanized units must be lined with AR steel.  Use urethane lined pricing for AR lined.  Lining pricing includes tapered bottom of flow retarder and discharge transition.