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UHMW Black Repro

UHMW Black Repro



Reprocessed UHMW is a cost effective wear product for non-food uses.



Reprocessed UHMW is an eco-friendly and economical alternative to standard virgin UHMW that uses a blended version of virgin and recycled UHMW. Reprocessed UHMW is excellent for non-food applications and offers all the benefits of standard UHMW at a much more cost effective price. Reprocessed UHMW features the same low coefficient of friction as standard UHMW while also offering a slightly better wear resistance. Reprocessed UHMW is used extensively for grain transitions, lining or repairing grain valves and grain spouts, and lining of grain handling equipment, bin hopper liners and many other applications where excellent wear properties are required. The standard color of reprocessed UHMW is black