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Urethane Kryptane Sheets (Red)

Urethane Kryptane Sheets (Red)



Kryptane Linings by Argonics have become the go to lining in grain storage and handling facilities. For extreme duty wear and abrasion, choose Kryptane lining!


Kryptane Urethane Liner is available in Plain-Back, Expanded Metal, Fabric Back, and Solid Metal back. All thickness levels available. Kryptane has been field tested and proved to have a longer lasting product of 3-4 times over the other lining products in the industry.

Kryptane Urethane linings come in 4′ x 10′ sheets.  Kryptane Urethane lining for grain facilities can be used for lining grain legs, grain conveyors, bucket elevators, hoppers on grain bins, millwright transitions and connections, grain valves and grain gates, etc.