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Square Grate Magnets

Square Grate Magnets



Eriez’ Square Grate Magnets are designed to be installed in square spouting or ducting. These magnets are used to catch foreign metal objects that may be in your grain.



Eriez’ grate magnets are designed to remove ferrous contamination from dry products such as powders, grain and granules.  The products will flow between the 1″ diameter tube magnets that are spaced on 2″ tube centers and held ridgidly in place.  Magnet options include single row square, rectangular and round grates in addition to grate in housing designs.

Choose from 3 strength options that best suits your application.  Ceramic is typically used for removing medium to large tramp metal such as bolts, nuts and hand tools.  Rare earth powered seperators are designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, brads and clips.  Seperators powered by ProGrade XtremeTM Rare Earth magnet materials are best at removing weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination.

These magnets are frequently used in grain facilities and grain masses that are traveling through chutes, spouts, ducts, pipes, and conveyors.