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PatchWorx: Instant Repair Patch

PatchWorx: Instant Repair Patch


  1. Clean the area to be patched with a rag and water.
  2. Cut the Patchworx repair material to fit the damaged area and peel to reveal the adhesive backing.
  3. Apply the material evenly to the damaged area and apply heavy pressure.
  4. For curing the repair patch, simply expose to sunlight or apply UV rays directly for about five minutes.


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There is no shortage of advantages to using Patchworx for grain bin and metal repair. Application is simple, with no need to mix or weigh anything. Just cut the material to fit your application, peel off the back and stick it on. Patchworx responds well to sanding, drilling and painting, is oil and solvent resistant and cures fast, without any expansion or shrinkage once it is cured.

This fiberglass-reinforced Polyester patch is highly adhesive to over 2000 PSI with correct application.

Use the Patchworx UV-activated repair patch for easy repairs on:

  • Grain bins
  • Elevator trunking
  • Metal buildings
  • Trucks
  • Tools
  • Much, much more!

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Small Patch (3" x 6"), Medium Patch (6" x 9"), Large Patch (9 x 12")