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Premium Diverter 45° K-Type

Premium Diverter 45° K-Type


This K-Type Diverter valve is commonly used in grain storage and handling operations to diverter grain from one spout and choose which direction or piece of grain equipment is feed.



Premium valves feature bearing supported 1 1/4″ control shafts and 7 gauge construction is standard on all larges sizes as well as angle iron reinforced housing.  These valves will outlast and out perfom other lighter duty valves in the grain industry.

Choose from our many options of sizes, gauges and linings based on how many bushels of grain are running through this valve.

These diverter valves are manufactured with removable access covers for inspection and maintenance.

Lining package is for valve only and does not inlucde square to rond transitions lining.  if you want lined square to round transitions, order a square valve and buy the lined square to round transitions seperatley under transition page.

For electric or air actuated drives for these valves, please contact us via email.