Narrow Corrugated (2.66″) Grain Bin Sidewall Sheets

Narrow Corrugated (2.66″) Grain Bin Sidewall Sheets


Need to replace some grain bin sheets on your existing bin?  Or add some rings to a bin?

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*Complete Ring purchases will include all necessary amount of sheets according to your bin diameter and all necessary nuts, bolts and caulking*

When installed on the grain bin, the sheets give you 32” of height (with the overlap).  The vertical holes are in two rows.  The horizontal seams are punched on spacing of 9"

Top quality prime steel sidewall body sheets are 8 through 20 gauge galvanized steel with a minimum tensile strength of up to 65,000 psi (448 Mpa) and a minimum yield strength of up to 50,000 psi (345 MPa) to protect grain and provide maximum strength at all levels.

All 20 gauge through 16 gauge sheets will need Approximately (50)- 5/16” x 1” Bin Bolts and 5/16” Nuts per body sheet. (You may add to cart at bottom of the page)

All 15 gauge through 11 gauge sheets will need Approximately (72)- 5/16” x 1” Bin Bolts and 5/16” Nuts per body sheet. (You may add to cart at bottom of the page)

All 10 gauge through 8 gauge sheets will need Approximately (72)- 3/8” x 1” Bin Bolts and 3/8” Nuts per body sheet. (You may add to cart at bottom of the page)


  • Standard Body sheets are the most common body sheet used in most applications, full length sheets used from the top of the bin down.  Only can be used on the bottom ring if you are using a bolt on base angle. Dimensions are 115.75" Long x 34″ Tall
  • Short Body sheets are only used next to a walk in bin door. Dimensions are 78.25" Long x 34″ Tall
  • With Plenum Holes-  These sheets are standard body sheets that also come with pre-punched flashing holes for a 13” full floor

Common Questions:

Not sure what diameter your bin?   Measure across the bin inside, measure it off google earth, or count the number of body sheets around the bin and multiply by 3 (i.e. 7 body sheets around x 3= 21’ Diameter Bin)

You know the diameter of the bin but not how many sheets you need??  Divide the diameter by three to get number of body sheets.  (i.e. 48’ diameter bin divided by 3 = 16 body sheets around)

Not sure what gauge sheets you need?  If you are replacing sheets, simply measure the thickness of existing sheets and google for a conversion.  You may also find stickers or markings on some old bin sheets.  Or contact a dealer for your Brand of bin.  (we can provide recommendations for Brock and Butler grain bins)

I need a notched sheet for the door on a wide corrugated bin, do you have them?  Well, kind of.  We can get them but do not currently offer them because the additional price is ridiculous and it is much simpler and cheaper to field cut and drill.

For Wide Corrugation visit Grain Supply Wide Corrugation

For more information visit Brock Grain

**Grain Supply does not guarantee structural integrity of existing structures nor the fit of these body sheets and hole spacing to your existing bin.  Different size grain bins have different body sheet gauge schedules.  Please consult with your bin manufacturer or other professionals to determine gauges needed and use of these sheets.

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Dimensions 115.75 × 1 × 45.75 in


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