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Sukup Sweepway Complete Unload System

Sukup Sweepway Complete Unload System



  • Unload Tube and Flighting/Auger
  • Powersweep
  • Reduction Drive Wheel
  • Center and Intermediate Sumps
  • Powerhead (Vertical Powerheads are bottom drives, 20ft height)

does NOT include motors and motor pulleys

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The unloading sweep is permanently installed in the bin for easy operation. No heavy sweep and motor to carry in and out.  The Sweepway® saves time and labor. There’s no need to enter the bin; the Sweepway® advances into the grain, removing it without back-breaking scooping.

Special design prevents opening the intermediate sumps without opening the center sump to protect the sidewalls from uneven unloading. Intermediate sumps are welded to the unload tube
at the factory, so there’s no assembly necessary.  An independent intermediate sump is standard on 8” and 10” Sweepways®. The independent intermediate sump can be used to unload bin
without stressing sidewalls if center sump becomes blocked.

Exclusive polyurethane reduction drive wheel comes standard on sweeps in bins 36’ and larger using 8” and 10” Sweepway® Power Sweeps. New 16-to-1 drive decreases wheel speed without
sacrificing forward movement. All other Sweepways have standard 4-to-1 Reduction Drive Wheel. With the lower speeds, wheel slippage is reduced and wheel life is prolonged

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8", 10"

Bin Diameter

15ft, 18ft, 21ft, 24ft, 27ft, 30ft, 33ft, 36ft, 42ft, 48ft, 54ft, 60ft


Horizontal, Inclined, Vertical

Reduction Drive

4:1, 16:1